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My hair is normally two of three things, flat, frizzy or pulled back in a ponytail. 80% of the time I wear my hair up because I get incredibly annoyed when my hair falls in my face {call it a pet peeve}. I've been blessed to have extremely thick hair, which has forced me to hunt for products which will actually nourish my locks--not coat it in product.

Shampoo & conditioner is actually one of the few product I believe should be splurge purchase. I've used tons, YES tons of different brands and products and more than often end up sticking to the ones I know work best. When Birchbox contacted it's community of bloggers to check out Number 4 Haircare I decided to go outside the box and give it a go.

Immediately I was impressed with their products packaging, sleek and sexy--like your hair should be right? Before falling into the pretty packaging trap I knew I had to try the product before making any further judgements. After rinsing, lathering, and conditioning I knew this company was onto something. The quoted by a friend, "is like you've walked out of a Paris Salon".  She couldn't have been more right, it's light and floral but not at all overpowering.

The package included blow-dry serum to apply after the shower, so I deiced the best way to style would be with a round brush and blow-dryer {at home blow-out}. Due to the thickness of my hair I usually deal with tangles, but after use I found it incredibly easy to style my hair without the usual de-tangle time.

I was very impressed with the end-result, little to no frizz, soft and bouncy. I did finish with a spritz of finishing spray to keep the look in place, but overall I couldn't be happier.  I think it's safe to say that I've found a new addition to my beauty routine.



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