Beef Burgundy

What's for dinner you ask... Beef Burgundy!

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I can say that this recipe is both tried and truly amazing! If your looking for a mix between classic beef burgundy and boeuf bourguignon, this is the recipe for you!

All the credit goes to America's Test Kitchen for developing this easy to follow dinner. Although it will take you close to 3 1/2 hours of prep and cook time..this is definitely worth the wait. 

The meat literally melts in your mouth and is surprising light! Your probably looks like a hearty stew, I mean it does have a whole bottle of wine; but it is really just the opposite. 

Since the main stew cooks with the bouquet in for the better portion of the process, it absorbs all the flavors of the aromatics, while delivering a flavorful light beef.
We choose to serve the meal with mash potatoes, but would be just as delicious alone!