The Guide to Gifting

The Holidays are a time to be surrounded by the ones you love while enjoying the spirit of giving. Sometimes it can be the hardest thing to try and find the perfect gift for someone close to you. I've found that no gift is ever too small and in times like these it is truly the thought behind the gift that really matters most.

I wanted to compile a list of ideas for both family and friends that can't be purchased at a big-chain department store. I mean don't get me wrong I enjoy giving a new winter sweater as much as the next person but I'd like to forgo the obvious choice and dig a little deeper! I think it's  always important to support American business's and smaller "handmade" communities, like Etsy. So without further ado, here is my 2011 Guide to Gifting :)

{For the Bestie in your life}
Handcrafted Sterling Silver Letter Necklace
Found Here
{For the Grandmother}
A custom keeper of memories for the photographer's wife
Found Here
{For the Neighbors}
A different & delicious treat
Recipe Found Here

{For the Aunt}
A constant reminder that she really does kick A**!
Found Here

{For Fido}
Fashion friendly accessories for the pup
Found Here
{For your mother}
A handcrafted glass ornament
Found Here

I will a part two post with additional ideas, until then happy gifting!