Outfit Planning 101

Outfit Planning 101 via. www.birdieshoots #dovepartners

For those of us who don't spend our mornings leisurely waking up and sipping coffee from bed, outfit planning is normally reserved for the last 15 minutes before running out the door. As a self-proclaimed born again morning person, outfit planning is not only a time saver, it's one of the best habits to get into. I work at a creative company so dress codes aren't if at all present, well aside from not looking like a total wreck. Having pride in what I wear, I like to make sure I'm presentable, even if that means a jeans a pressed t-shirt. Surprisingly enough I actually got into the routine of laying my clothes out in high school. In doing so I am able to actually go through my closet add a jacket, shoes, and accessories without winding up in a mad panic.

Outfit Planning 101 via. www.birdieshoots.com #DovePartners
Outfit Planning 101 via. www.birdieshoots #dovepartners
Outfit Planning 101 via. www.birdieshoots #dovepartners
Outfit Planning 101 via. www.birdieshoots #dovepartners

Luckily, the space I'm in has a valet on the closet door which makes preparing outfits super easy. Typically, I'll resort to a dress and jacket or jeans and blouse, weather permitting.  If something is wrinkled or needs to be steamed I'll do it the night before and hang the pressed items on the valet for the morning. The other great thing about taking the guesswork out of what to wear is that it also contributes to a more fluid morning. One product I rely on to contribute to my speedy mornings is Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant. The formula goes on clear and dries in seconds, which is nice, especially if I'm wearing dark colors. The formula don't leave you with residue or a chalky buildup, which is a huge change from other off brand formulas. Not to mention, Dove moisturizers smooth underarms while providing 48-hours of odor protection!

The best part about becoming a morning person? Being able to sit back, and enjoy my mornings, feeling confident in what Iā€™m wearing. What are your tips for creating a morning routine?




So exicted to have partnered with Dove to make this post possible! #DovePartner

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