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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide via.

Love is in the air! I'm guilty of catching on to any holiday and love a good excuse to celebrate. The great thing about Valentine's day is you can celebrate with anyone, from family and friends to a significant other. When it comes to gifting I go all out in search of the perfect card and gift for the boy. Anyone who knows me understands my love for Papyrus! I'm constantly in awe of their selection of cards and knick knacks. They seem to always have that perfect little something to finish off a gift. This year I'll be putting together a little some special for my girlfriends, and of course something for the boy.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide via.
Valentine's Day Gift Guide via.
Valentine's Day Gift Guide via.

During my last visit I picked up a few things that are that "perfect little something". For the girls I found an adorable cosmetic bag, that is perfect for throwing a few makeup goodies in. I mean what girl doesn't love a little makeup? The bag is great for tossing into a work bag or purse, and the saying keeps the love theme going. When it comes to the boy picking the perfect card was a challenge. I seemed to like every card I picked up, but settled on this adorable letter pressed design. I love adding something a little corky to my gifts and thought this love sayings and poem book was the perfect thing. I flipped through and a few of them are hilarious, I'm sure he'll get a good kick out of it! 

How will you be spending Valentine's day?



Big thank you to Papyrus for partnering with me on this post! 

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