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Making the Most of My Space

Organizing  a home office space via.

Living in 600 square feet is a task all on its own, but creating a designated work space is a true challenge. San Francisco brings an abundance of entertainment, fabulous food, and endless sites; however, finding a large apartment is not one of them. Don’t get me wrong: I’m more than happy in my little abode. It just took some serious planning to make the most of the space. Prior to kicking off the new year, I had resolved to transform an area of my home into a work space where I could blog and get organized. My predicament fell between not being able to fit additional furniture and needing additional storage. I was tired of resorting to writing from bed or dealing with a poorly lit kitchen, and, more importantly, misplacing important papers.

Organizing  a home office space via.
Organizing  a home office space via.
Organizing  a home office space via.
Organizing  a home office space via.
Organizing  a home office space via.

Threshold™ Pillow | Nate Berkus File Organizer | Clipboard | Faux Succulent | Black Files

I opted to rearrange my living room to accommodate a small writing desk. I actually owned the desk already, so to freshen it up I added a few coats of paint, new drawer pulls from Target, and a faux marble top (which happens to be contact paper!). I love the minimalist aesthetic, but I never seem to be able to commit to a stark blank canvas. Since this is a space where I’ll be sending plenty of “me time,” I knew that I wanted to be surrounded by things that inspired me. I purchased a few vases so I could bring color through flowers and succulents, and change them through the seasons.

To tie in other metallic pieces in the room, I purchased a gold hanging file and desktop accessories, which would conveniently double as additional storage. I had actually eyed these Nate Berkus accessories on Instagram, and I was so excited when I saw them in stock at Target! Although I’ve only just begun working from this space, I already feel more productive than I’ve felt in months. There is certainly something to be said about making a space that truly is all your own.

Where do you enjoy your me time? Do you have a designated space in your home that gets you inspired?

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