Casual Friday, Black & White

Black & White via. Birdie Shoots

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Black & White via. Birdie Shoots
Black & White via. Birdie Shoots
Black & White via. Birdie Shoots

Call me crazy, but it's hard to believe it's already October! Inside I'm freaking out as its my favorite month of the year, and I cannot wait to do all sorts of fun things. Not that I have any major plans it's just the sense of the seasons and life changing which really puts me in my element. Not much has changed as far as the weather goes. We've still been blessed with mild-to-warm San Francisco days, which makes dressing a breeze. Earlier this week I took a few sweaters and jackets out of storage to mix back into my wardrobe, don't you just love that? It's like finding money in a jacket pocket! (Although my seasonal additions got a  puzzled look from the boy as I attempted to find none existing space in the closet. )

As we approach these upcoming sweater weather weeks I've been attempting to get as much were out of my warmer attire. Case and point this two-toned jumpsuit by Splendid. Really it's more along the lines of a cotton one piece pajama- or that's at least what it feels like on. Normally, is throw on a pair of heels but, I liked that the silhouette mixes well with flats and more casual accessories. I added a similar styled Panama hat and a bold lip to keep the look minimal and not over thought.

This weekend will be filled with blogging, errands, and hopefully a chance to check out the Blue Grass Festival in the park! How will you be spending your first weekend of the new month?