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Your Guide to Soft & Silky Skin

Your Guide to Soft & Silky Skin via. Birdie Shoots

This post is sponsored by Caress® 

The discreet allure of soft supple skin is something I’ve always found myself invested in. From the time I was young I can remember being fascinated with rich moisturizers and fragrant skin care products. Now, 20 some odd years later I am still spending the time to preserve both my skin and its glow. I find that my pampering routines begin early each morning, before I even begin to start my day. The key that I’ve found to truly enriching my skin starts with incorporating the right body wash into my routine. 

This post is sponsored by Caress®
Your Guide to Soft & Silky Skin via. Birdie Shoots

Caress® has been a brand I’ve gravitated towards since high school. Over the years I’ve grown to love their collection of products, and lately I can’t seem to stop using Caress® Daily Silk™ body wash. If you’re like me and enjoy a body wash that envelopes your senses, this is sure to not disappoint. The fragrance is full of bold white peach and soft floral blossom. My favorite part about this line of products is how your skin will feel afterwards. My skin always seems to feel incredibly smooth and silky—not to mention there is a slight hint of lingering fragrance. 

After using Caress® Daily Silk™ I follow up with a heavy body butter and apply this while my skin is still damp. This allows the product to easily absorb into the skin, locking in twice the moisture. Even as we begin to layer on clothing during fall and winter, this is a routine I always make sure to follow, especially during winter when skin can often get neglected. 

What skincare tips do you follow during the cooler months? 



Treat yourself to the alluring fine fragrance of Caress® Daily Silk™ every day and feel truly irresistible. 

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