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Crossed Dutch Braid Tutorial

Crossed Dutch Braid Tutorial via. Birdie Shoots

H O W - T O

1. Part hair down the center
2. Starting an 1" into your part and begin to dutch braid (inverse french), pulling hair in small sections in a crown shape.
3. Once you and inline with the top of the ear begin to braid in a three-stand basic fashion, securing the braid with a clear elastic.
4. Repeat steps 2-3 on the opposite side, mirroring the crown shape of the braid. 
5. To make hair appear fuller, carefully pull on the individual sections to make the braid larger.
6. Wrap 1 braided section around the back of the head and secure with bobby-pins.
7. With the remaining braid cross the under the opposite braid pulling the exposed end through the top. Secure with a bobby-pin and finish with strong hold hairspray.



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