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Dressed in Stripes

Striped Basics  via. Birdie Shoots
Striped Basics  via. Birdie Shoots
Striped Basics  via. Birdie Shoots

When it comes to wearing prints or patterns I'm the kind of girl that keeps a heavy rotation of in my wardrobe. I've always found my style to be based on wearing a statement piece with a basic, and for me stripes are just that. There's just something about a classic print or pattern that never goes out of style. It's like you think to yourself, "do I really need another vertical striped shirt?" Yes, you do! 

Timeless prints will withstand any trendy or seasonal pattern and will end up being something you consider a basic. I'm telling you my own personal addiction to stripes knows no end! If I had started my blog when I was still in high school in sure I would have found a way to work it in, can I get a sweets n stripes? Thankfully my better judgement didn't end up going down that name route and I'll just have to continue showing my devotion to the print though what I wear ;)



Laced Up

Asian Pasta Salad

Asian Pasta Salad