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Casual Friday, Tied Tunics

Casual Friday, Tied Tunics via. Birdie Shoots

Welcome to Casual Friday link-up! This link-up is all about sharing your personal style and what has inspired you most this week. I look forward to seeing your favorite looks, and getting to know you!

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Welcome back to Casual Friday! Thank you for bearing with me while I adjust my posting schedule a bit. I'm happy to finally be back in the swing of things both with my blog and at the new job. I'm lucky to be able to work in a casual and creative environment, which is great for me and my wardrobe - no suits or heels here! Earlier this week I opted for pants and sweaters, but the last few days have warmed up quite a bit. 

Casual Friday, Tied Tunics via. Birdie Shoots
Casual Friday, Tied Tunics via. Birdie Shoots

As I mentioned in my previous spring cleaning post I've started to bring back more warm-weather appropriate clothing including dresses and tunics. One of my go-to looks this season is the layered dress, which is perfect for SF when the mornings are chilly and the afternoons are much warmer.

I loved the playful time and relaxed feeling of this navy tunic. The color is a great neutral and the silhouette can be adjusted depending on occasion. I actually wore a white blazer over top but, ended up ditching it mid-day! This look could be worn with sneakers or a denim jacket too (don't you just love versatile pieces?) 

Thanks again for linking up, and don't forget to check back in next-week where I'll be sharing festival fashion alllll week long- including an few awesome giveaways!



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