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Casual Friday, So Mesh and So Clean

Sheer Stripes & Denim via. Birdie Shoots

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Sheer Stripes & Denim via. Birdie Shoots
Sheer Stripes & Denim via. Birdie Shoots

It took me almost a week to get used to the time change. Ugh, I just felt like every morning I was waking up at the crack of dawn, when in reality it was only 7 - the struggle was real! Anyways, when I wasn't struggling to wake up I was fully embracing short/dress weather. Aside from a minor rain mid-week the weather was surprisingly warm, which makes me incredibly excited for spring!

I've been dying to wear this dress, so when the forecast said mid-70s I knew it was go-time. I love the striped cut-outs and high-neck line. Its a pretty minimal silhouette (aside from the sheer) so a few cuffs and a light jacket were the perfect partners. Denim jackets are great for spring, I've been wearing this one all week, and love that I can casually drape it over my shoulders or tie it around my waist. If you've been following my short styles, you'll know I've recently begun to share more braided hair tutorials, this dutch style will be on the blog next week, so keep your eyes peeled for the tutorial. 

I wish you all a wonderful weekend, thank you for linking up :)

Stripes & Denim via. Birdie Shoots
Sheer Stripes & Denim via. Birdie Shoots
Stripes & Denim via. Birdie Shoots
Stripes & Denim via. Birdie Shoots



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