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Short Style, mini-bun

Short Style, Mini Bun Hair Tutorial via. Birdie Shoots

The 90s styles are back and better than before! Now, I'm not talking scrunches and banana clips but, carefree styles. This may be the easiest tutorial I've ever shown, in fact I actually debated even sharing this tutorial, but here we are. I adore this mini-bun, it's probably my most frequented second day style. 

How to:
1. Start with hair down, brush through if needed.
2. Roll your fingers through the crown of your hair, pulling the hair towards the back of the head.
3. Hold the sectioned hair at the top of the head and secure with a clear elastic tie.
4. Pull hair all the way through, wrap the tie around one more time stopping half way though. 
5. Pull the sides of the bun (lightly) to add more volume.
6. Secure with light-hold finishing spray.

Short Style, Mini Bun Hair Tutorial via. Birdie Shoots



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