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Guide to Gifting, Natural Beauty

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I'm not sure about you, but I've been hit hard with the gifting bug. It's probably something I've inherited though growing up in a household where they're always seems to be a 'story' behind why you gave the gift you did. I scout my Christmas list months in advance always on the hunt for things that catch my eye or spark an idea for someone I know. I think this combined with the excitement of the hunt is what attracts me to gift guides. They're perfect and helpful for two reasons. One, they introduce you new products, and two they are specific to the type or person or personality. 

Over the next few months I'll be sharing a few of my favorite finds, along with helpful wrapping or packaging tips for different people in your life. I hope this proves both helpful and fun, happy hunting! 

Natural Beauty Gift Guide via.


The best thing about natural beauty products? You can find them at your local Whole Foods! I've always been a fan of being resourceful when it comes to gifting. In fact, some of the best finds are those you come across while not even looking. Now, I'm going to save you the search and tell you exactly why you should be scanning the beauty shelves of your local market. 


Ahh, Is there any better smell than the great outdoors? Now, imagine you're smack dab in the middle of a Douglas fir grove, yes, the smell is that fresh! Let me introduce you to Juniper Ridge, a wilderness fragrance distillery based in the Pacific Northwest. They actually harvest their fragrances straight from the source, and its from the scent that they know what they're doing! They sell a variety of beauty and health products like soap, incenses, and even tea tips! This is a great gift for someone who truly love the great out doors, and is a great way to remind them of the winter and holiday season. 

Natural Beauty Gift Guide via.
Natural Beauty Gift Guide via.
Natural Beauty Gift Guide via.
Natural Beauty Gift Guide via.


Speaking from my own store experience, I always bound to take a trip down the beauty and nail aisles, especially when I'm at Whole Foods. They always care the best parabon and 3-free polishes some of which are top beauty brands in their own right. This was my first time trying Mineral Fusion and I was pleasantly surprised by the shade selection of overall color. The polish itself looks basic in terms of packaging but, the product wears very well! I've been wearing the dusty rose shade on repeat and constantly great questions on what the name and brands are.

Do you have any natural beauty faves? 



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