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Clinique Beauty via. Birdie Shoots

This post is sponsored by Clinique.

I'm a girl who's habits die hard, especially when it comes to where I go for inspiration. That's why when Clinique reached out to ask if I wanted to help them celebrate the launch of The Wink I absolutely said yes! I've been a long time lover of Clinique and their attitude toward both women and beauty. I believe that their product maintain, enhance,  and celebrate what we refer to as beauty. Clinique is taking an exciting step forward and taking that mantra and sharing everything from beauty to fashion to lifestyle all in one aesthetically pleasing online destination, Winked. The appropriately named site has already caught my attention for their easy to follow beauty tutorials and fall fashion advice. One of the articles that caught my eye was Molly Guy’s Endless glow.

Within the article she makes a point to state that “less is more”, and as of late that really resonates with my lifestyle and beauty routine. If you’re looking for a technique to create a radiant and relaxed look I’d definitely suggest checking it out. Reading through the tutorial articles one key product I kept seeing over and over again was Clinique’s Chubby Mascara. Feeling inspired I decided to recreate one of the looks jewel toned look like Tavi Gevinsons.

Clinique Beauty via. Birdie Shoots
Clinique Beauty via. Birdie Shoots
Beauty by Clinique via. Birdie Shoots
Beauty by Clinique via. Birdie Shoots
Beauty by Clinique via. Birdie Shoots



Please note, although this post is sponsored, all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own! I’ve been a long time user of Clinique and believe in their products and brand message!

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