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A Seamless Design Transition

Fall Tablescape design via. Birdie Shoots #targetstyle

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from moving, it’s that holiday décor should always be transitional! Blame it on the stacked storage boxes of crossed-out holiday names, or the conversations surrounding the lost “mystery” box of decorations. Incorporating a transitional design can inspire you to take your space from one holiday to the next without packing things away the minute it passes. When it comes to decorating for autumn, I love to layer different textured throws and pillows, like this assortment. It gives the space an element of dimension with a subtle whimsical feeling. 

Design Transtion via. Birdie Shoots #targetstyle
Fall Tablescape design via. Birdie Shoots #targetstyle
Fall Tablescape design via. Birdie Shoots #targetstyle

Pillows can really go in any room of the home, but I especially love them on our dining room bench. The assortment of prints is fun and inviting without feeling too “themed” or overthought. I keep a neutral color palette of creamy whites, blacks, and rich browns so the other existing room décor blends seamlessly. It’s always a good measure to mix elements found in nature with festive prints and décor. 

One of my favorite natural elements of fall is pumpkins, and let me tell you: Pumpkins are not just Halloween decor! In fact, they are some of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to decorate for the season. Growing up, some of my fondest memories revolved around my mom getting ready for the upcoming holidays. She’d buy an assortment of pumpkins in all different shades and sizes and display them throughout the house. This is something I continue to do in my own home. The best part is that with a slight rearrangement and a few blooms, the décor transitions beautifully from Halloween to Thanksgiving. 

Fall Tablescape design via. Birdie Shoots #targetstyle
Fall Tablescape design via. Birdie Shoots #targetstyle
Fall Design Transition via. Birdie Shoots #TargetStyle
Fall Design Transition via. Birdie Shoots #TargetStyle


If you're looking to add a touch of artisanal flair to your space, try incorporating bronze or copper accents. This hint of shine will elevate your surroundings, and it looks incredible next to candles or when reflected by overhead lighting. I loved these copper mugs not only for their beverage purposes, but also because they bring a feeling of “man-made” quality to the space. 

So next time you're planning on heading back up to the attic to put away your Halloween décor, consider leaving out a few of the elements that work for Thanksgiving. Trust me, your space will thank you! 

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