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Slide in Style

Slide in Style via. Birdie Shoots

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Last year if you would have asked me what came to mind when you mentioned "slides" I would have instantly thought of Adidas or Nike sandals. Most of us knew them as, soccer, shower, or sport wear certainly, not something I would have associated with fashion. But, that my friends is the beauty of the fashion industry, one year your packed in athletes lockers the next your stacked next to a of pair Jimmy Choo.

I praise any trend that one, makes my life easier and two, is comfortable. So needless to say I am loving this trend! Since I don't play favorites I'm gravitating towards both ends of the spectrum as far as heel heigh and strap styles go. These Nike Benassi slides are a no-brainer and a must-have for the end of summer. Pair them with harem pants, or a breezy skirt and sweater.

For the strap happy the Dolce Vita leather mule is a great transition shoe to take your wardrobe into Fall. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this trend!



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