American in Paris

Happy Memorial Day! Although were
not in the us right now, we're doing plenty of celebrating here in Paris. Before we headed out on vaycay Kev and I shot a holiday themed look, perfect for the occasion and our travels. I've been hoarding this "bonjour" shirt for months in anticipation of this shoot, and I love how the the shot and overall look came together. The skirt was a recent Zara find and one I'll be wearing all summer. The cut is super comfortable and perfect for tees and tops. When it comes to holiday dressing I always aim for comfort first and style second, because no one wants to be tugging on awkward hems or I'll-fitting clothing.

I know what you're probably thinking, 10-days in carry-on? Are you kidding me? Trust me, that was my attitude when my Fiance told me we weren’t traveling with checked luggage to Europe. At first I was shocked, doubtful, and slightly annoyed but, after some researching (hello Pinterest) I learned it’s totally doable! Being that I’m naturally prone to packing way more than is needed, this was a great lesson for experimenting with mixing and matching and only packing what was totally necessary (i.e no ball gowns).

Casual Friday, The Right Romper

Rompers, I love to hate them. They're that favorite sweater you love the look of, only to try it on to be tight or loose in all the wrong places. I'd compete finding a romper that actually fits to the feeling you get after running a race, pure euphoria. I'm not exaggerating when I say I've tried on hundreds of rompers in the past only to be disappointed when they don't fit. I've talked about my romper struggles (here) and on the rare occasion that I find one for my body type it's going to be a blogging field day. So no more need to skirt the plot line, the romper in question is this little white gauzy number from Tobi.